High Profile

Steve’s been our live announcer for the NASCAR awards and other high-profile projects for several years.  Steve’s professionalism, flexibility and no hassle attitude is among his attributes.  Whether it’s a live broadcast or pre-records in the studio, Steve takes great pride in his work and we consider him an extension of our team.

Cory Posocco Managing Director, NASCAR Corporate Events

True Professional

Steve Henderson is a true professional. We often have last minute projects with looming deadlines and he always comes through. He is flexible, easy to work with and GREAT at voicing scripts.

Megan Schwindler Primerica Vice President Media, Marketing and Communications

Perfect Voice

You know when you're casting for voice overs and you’re looking for that perfect voice… the voice that’s in your head when you’re writing your script? Steve Henderson is that voice.




Clint Carruth Creative Writer/Producer at Cartoon Network

Takes Direction

Steve is a true pleasure to work with — we call on him frequently for last moment projects and he is very quick to respond and turnaround what we need read! He takes direction very well and has great range for both short and longer voice over projects. 

Shannon Collado Producer at Primerica

Pitch-perfect, Professional VO

I love working with Steve. He really takes scripts on board; he understands the goal and the message and delivers pitch-perfect, professional VO, every time. His studio gear is great, too, and files are delivered production-ready. He takes direction well and, with his seasoned ear for what sounds authentic, he knows when he's hit the mark. He's happy to play with the delivery too: Accents, "monster truck announcer" voice, whatever we've asked to try, he's obliged. Steve is one of those rare contractors that quickly feels like an extension of the team. If you have the opportunity to work with him, do it.



Andrew Moore-Crispin Director of Content at Ting

The “Go To Guy”

Steve is talented, creative and professional. I've been working with Steve for over a decade. He is the go to guy for almost any project. He is quick to respond to requests and offers solutions when needed. He delivers amazing quality and is knowledgeable in all aspects of the post-production process . I enjoy working with him and have recommended him to other producers looking for an amazing voice actor and audio professional.


Robert Koenig Video Producer, Maxim Healthcare Services; Co-Founder, HeartMind International

Willingness To Please

I've never known Steve to be anything less than completely devoted to the project at hand. He brings professionalism and a willingness to please to everything he does. Work with this guy and you'll see exactly what I mean.


John Heiser Senior Editor at o2 Ideas, Inc

A Range You Won’t Believe

Steve Henderson has a range you won't believe, from silly little elf voices to down home good ol' boy, and he ALWAYS brings the thunder. He commits to the bit, whether it is conversational or broadcast, comical or dramatic, fast, slow, loud, quiet... you name it, Steve can give you the performance you need. AND... he's not just a talented artist, he understands commerce and the realities of getting shit done. He brings the show, he brings the business, and he does it all with personality and professional polish. Hire Steve Henderson... but ONLY if you want the BEST VOICE and the BEST CLIENT SERVICE you have ever experienced.

Stew Redwine Head of Creative at Oxford Road